Our Performance Sportpsych services aim to deepen an athlete’s understanding of how to thrive in sport while also ensuring there’s a sense of fulfillment, meaning, and purpose cultivated through sport participation. Our Performance Sportpsych services are designed to help you:
  • Learn mindfulness skills to calm and center the mind

  • Ground your attention in the present moment

  • Clarify your core values and how to use them to facilitate optimal performance

  • Overcome fear and self-doubt

  • Connect to the enjoyment and fun of sport participation

  • Handle emotions with greater ease and responsiveness

  • Be resilient in the face of challenges and adversity

  • Discover how to develop a relaxed and alert mindset

  • Become unstuck from ineffective habits and self-limiting beliefs

  • Identify ways to build and boost confidence

  • Transform your relationship with fear and anxiety

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