TriState SportPsych offers individual counseling sessions for non-athletes for a wide range of clinical concerns. In particular, we have specialties in using cognitive-behavioral and acceptance-based therapies for the treatment of anxiety, depressive, and eating disorders. We also have extensive experience working with college-aged students. 


TriState SportPsych embraces a culture of mindfulness in all aspects of our work. We believe there is great benefit to bringing mindfulness concepts such as beginner's mind, present moment focus, letting go, trust, non-judgment, commitment, intentionality, and self-discipline into athletics. We offer both group and individual mindfulness trainings that are intended to strengthen and deepen your relationship with sport and life. Call or email today to find out more.


Just like curls build the bicep muscle, daily meditation builds the muscle of the mind. In this sense a practice of daily meditation can help athletes be more calm, focused and aware in the present moment. We offer personalized meditations for individuals and teams. In the past our meditations have been used in a variety of situations such as pregame, before/after practice, during travel, for help with sleep, stress, and anxiety, prior to team meetings, in the athletic training room, and the list goes on. Contact us via e-mail or phone if you are interested in learning more about personalized meditations.


TriState SportPsych developed its eating & weight disorder treatment program due to what we saw as a growing need and demand for services in this area specifically designed for athletes. We take a team-based, evidence-based approach towards eating & weight concerns with a specific focus on how being an athlete and part of the athletic culture contributes to these concerns. 



Presentations and outreach are an integral part of TriState SportPsych because they give us an opportunity to increase awareness about an approach to life and sport we believe can have major benefits for current and future generations of athletes. Check out a recent TriState SportPsych presentation by clicking here. To find out more please contact us by phone or email.


TriState SportPsych offers supervision for professionals seeking to become Certified Mental Performance Consultants for the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. We also offer training's for professionals (e.g. coaches, mental health providers, athletic staff) seeking to integrate mindfulness- and acceptance-based approaches into their work with athletes. 

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